Stijn Dirne

Level/Tech Designer

Hi there! My name is Stijn Dirne and I am a 23 year old game design student at the Breda University of applied sciences (formerly known as NHTV) currently living in The Netherlands. My main areas of expertise is Level Design while I am also quite adapt with Tech Design.

If you would like to get to know me better, visit the about me section or get in contact with me.




Arboreal is a top down open-world farming & adventure game where you save ancient colossi from a spreading corruption.


Role(s): Quest/World/Tech Designer

Team Size: 36

Genre: Open World Farming/Adventuring

Duration: September 2017 - August 2018

Engine: UE4

Exiles of Auriga

Exiles of Auriga is a 3D real-time strategy for room scale VR in the spirit of Homeworld and Sins of a Solar Empire. Players build and command a fleet of ships in full 3D space to combat an assailing fleet.


Role(s): Lead/Level Designer

Team Size: 17

Genre: VR/RTS

Duration: May 2017 - July 2017

Engine: Custom Engine


DM_Bath is a multiplayer map designed for Unreal Tournament based on an ancient persian bath house.


Role(s): Level Designer

Team Size: 1

Genre: FPS

Duration: September 2016 - December 2016

Engine: UE4

George's Fantastic Phone Finding Fiesta (GFPFF) is an FPS puzzle game in which the player must traverse through an ancient temple with the help of an AI companion.


Role(s): Tech/Level Designer

Team Size: 2

Genre: First Person Puzzle 

Duration: March 2017 - April 2017

Engine: UE4


Game Jams

I Am the Eye in the Sky

"I Am the Eye in the Sky" is a puzzle-platformer game in which you can absorb colours to transmit different properties to objects.

Just Smash

Just Smash is a game made during the Global Game Jam 2017. The player can defend his/her golem using their smash attack. 


Spooky Cleanup

Spooky Cleanup is a game made during the Game Makers Toolkit Game jam. The player must survive as long as possible while fighting off hordes of ghosts. 

Personal Projects

Dungeon Crawler

A first person dungeon crawler created using only blueprints.


Role(s): Tech/Level Designer

Team Size: 1

Genre: Dungeon Crawler

Duration: September 2018 - Februari 2019

Engine: UE4


Bridge Crossing

A small map made for a Blocktober Challenge


Role(s): Level Designer

Team Size: 1

Genre: FPS

Duration: October 2019

Engine: UE4

About Me

Ever since I was a little kid games have been my passion. It didn't matter if it was me playing the game, or I was just watching someone else play. 
I can still recall several times where I asked my dad if he could play Lords of the Realm 2 and if I could just watch him play it. 

Some of my other interests include: acting, writing, reading, traveling. I also really enjoy learning about animals, history, biology and astronomy. 

I first started making games during my high school IT classes. During these classes we were offered the opportunity to create games using the Unity game engine and I immediately started working on my first game...



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