About Me

This man is in fact me

Ever since I was a little kid games have been my passion. It didn't matter if it was me playing the game, or I was just watching someone else play. 
I can still recall several times where I asked my dad if he could play Lords of the Realm 2 and if I could just watch him play it. ​

I first started making games during my high school IT classes. During these classes we were offered the opportunity to create games using the Unity game engine and I immediately started working on my first game.

Over the course of the next year and a half of classes I would create in total 3 games using Unity and learned a lot about object based programming from it. After graduation I decided to continue working on games and signed myself up for a game design course at NHTV. Before I joined I did not fully understand what a game designer did exactly, but was very eager to learn.​

During my time here I learned a ton about the ins and outs of game development, the pit falls a lot of people fall into and most importantly where my talents lie.

I discovered that I am quite adept at level and technical design, combining the two allows me to create unique levels while still adhering to the parameters set by the project. 

In my free time I am also working on several smaller projects, creating games by myself using visual scripting methods allows me to gain a better understanding about what programmers require from designers in order to work properly.​

Games for me have always been about connecting people. Whether it is two people sharing their own personal experience with a game, or a group of people playing a game together. I want to help continue this, I want to help create the next generation of games that allows for even more personal storytelling and connecting with others.