Dungeon Crawler

Dungeon Crawler is an ongoing project in which I am creating my own 1st person dungeon crawler using Unreal Blueprints.

Tech/Level Designer


Role(s): Tech and Level Designer

Team Size: 1

Genre: FPS

Duration: September 2018 - Oktober 2018

Engine: UE4

  • Creation of all gameplay related functionality

  • Creation of the procedural generation

  • Creation of the room designs

  • Creation of enemy AI logic


This is a dungeon crawler I made by myself using blueprints in Unreal Engine.

Take aways
  • Still on going

Basic Grid Construction

Creates a basic grid and stores the location of each of the grid points in an array.

Basic Dungeon Creation

Using the grid points array it generates a random dungeon.

Critical Path Generation

The generation of a "critical" path which allows the player to always complete the dungeon.

Temporary Final Result

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